From receiving my my first 35mm camera in my teens to the present day, I've continued to love taking photographs. Even today I can't wait to see what I captured in the camera.

My professional background is varied. Studying photography in both the Art and Journalism departments at The University of Texas in Austin, I was fortunate to learn aspects from both; graduating with honors in 1982. After college I began working in catering and event planning business. I always tried to document my events with photos and learned there was just a short moment of time when everything was set and ready and the guests hadn't come in and wrecked the setup. Rarely did the host have anyone photograph this tiny moment and even less did other photographers know how to shoot it so the prints looked like your eyes saw it. So I got great pleasure in taking photos for the party hosts and really got a kick out of seeing their faces when I presented prints to them.

After 20 years in the event planning business I opened my own off-set printing business, Champion Printing & Copying, in Austin. Soon after opening the print shop, some of the event planners and event decorators began asking me to photograph their setups for their personal portfolio. And since I loved taking these types of photos it has been a great match. I've been shooting regularly for several event planners, some of the best florists and decorators, real estate agents with higher-end properties, and for other photographers as a detail or second shooter.

I'm based in Austin and available for travel. Please feel free to call me to discuss how I can assist you.