Created 3-May-18
All photos are free to download. To download a single image just go inside one of the number folders to that specific event click on the photo you want until it expands slightly. Then "RIGHT CLICK" and select the drop down to "DOWNLOAD" and hold until the word "ORIGINAL" It will then download that image to the standard location you set for downloads on your computer.

To download more than one image at a time you still do it from the thumbnail view of that specific event. Go to upper right to "SELECT PHOTOS" then you can go photo by photo clicking one time to select as many photos as you like. (you can also go to the upper left to "SELECT ALL"

Once you selected your photos or selected all move your mouse back to the upper right to "DOWNLOAD" This will open a black square which you have the choice of clicking on the blue hyper link which will download the photos as a zipped file, or have this link emailed to you. Often when "SELECTING ALL" you will have to have the link emailed to you.
1 - Golf - Day 12 - Shooting Club Day 13 - Opening Reception Outside JW Marriott Day 14 - Morning General Session Day 25 - Afternoon General Session Day 26 - Board Reception Day 27 - Presidents Breakfast8 - Morning Session Day 39 - Keynote Speaker - Day 310 - Closing Reception - Day 3